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Thrower Comparison | Sofirn IF22A vs Convoy C8+ vs Convoy M21E

Today we’ll compare three popular throwers:

  • Sofirn IF22A
  • Convoy C8+ (5A driver)
  • Convoy M21E

All lights use the Luminous SFT40 led.

ModelLumens*Throwcd/lm**SwitchEstimated perceived range***
Sofirn IF22A1650lm661m66.2e-switch, side-switch220m – 330m
Convoy C8+1650lm810m99.4reverse-clicky tail-switch270m – 405m
Convoy M21E1900870m99.6e-switch, side-switch290m – 435m
* – Approximate lumens.
** – Candela/lumen ratio explanation

A good way to determine the beam profile of a flashlight is to divide its candela (cd) by the lumens (lm) it produces. In return, we will get the cd/lm ratio. Here’s an approximate scale of what those values mean:

  • 0.1 cd/lm: light bulb
  • 1-3: flooder
  • 5-15: balanced EDC-style beam
  • 30: compact thrower
  • 100: dedicated thrower
  • 500+: extreme thrower
  • 10000: laser
*** – Explanation

The throw/range of a flashlight is defined by the ANSI FL1 standard. It says that a flashlight’s range is how far it will light up a surface to 0.25lux, which is about as bright as full moon.
This most of the time isn’t bright enough to actually see what you’re shining on, so I added in an estiamte to what you can expect the maximum range of the flashlight to be.

ModelLengthBezel diameterBody diameter
M21E148mm45mm – 45.5mm27.5mm


3 thoughts on “Thrower Comparison | Sofirn IF22A vs Convoy C8+ vs Convoy M21E”

  1. xNightReaper

    Nice comparison! Seems like Convoy takes the lead as +thrower and Sofirn is a bit more of a distant flooder

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