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LEP Comparison | Astrolux WP4, WP3, Lumintop Thor 2, (+ Convoy L21B)

Today we have 3 LEPs on the table:

  • Lumintop Thor II,
  • Astrolux WP4,
  • Astrolux WP3,
  • and additionally, the Convoy L21B as a base, because it’s a good popular thrower that many people already own.

Lumintop Thor II and Astrolux WP4 can be used with both a 18350 and 18650 tube.
I had to purchase the Thor II 18650 tube separately.

ModelBrightnessCandelaThrowEstimated range*cd/lm**
Convoy L21B1880lm369056cd1215m450m-600m196
Astrolux WP4237lm332929cd1154m385m-577m1405
Lumintop Thor II238lm727609cd1706m569m-853m3057
Astrolux WP3505lm2762244cd3324m1108m-1662m5469
* – Explanation

The throw/range of a flashlight is defined by the ANSI FL1 standard. It says that a flashlight’s range is how far it will light up a surface to 0.25lux, which is about as bright as full moon.
This most of the time isn’t bright enough to actually see what you’re shining on, so I added in an estiamte to what you can expect the maximum range of the flashlight to be.

** – Candela/lumen ratio explanation

A good way to determine the beam profile of a flashlight is to divide its candela (cd) by the lumens (lm) it produces. In return, we will get the cd/lm ratio. Here’s an approximate scale of what those values mean:

  • 0.1 cd/lm: light bulb
  • 1-3: flooder
  • 5-15: balanced EDC-style beam
  • 30: compact thrower
  • 100: dedicated thrower
  • 500+: extreme thrower
  • 10000: laser



50m (zoom):



170m (zoom):

Interactive slideshow:




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