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Wurkkos TS30S vs TS30S Pro (+L21B) | Comparison


Hello! Time for a comparison between the now discontinued TS30S and the new TS30S Pro version. In the beamshots I also added in the Convoy L21B SFT40, because it’s a very popular flashlight, a base line.

Size and shape


350m/500m – Unzoomed and Zoomed in

A video beamshot:

I measured the runtimes with the ceiling-bounce app. I set the highest measured output to 4300lm (measured by Zeroair and 1Lumen in their reviews, I don’t own a lumen measuring device sadly). Both flashlights were thermally calibrated and set to 60C thermal limit.

I rerun the runtimes twice, just to make sure they’re as correct.

The RGB switch backlight on the TS30S Pro is a nice touch:

1 thought on “Wurkkos TS30S vs TS30S Pro (+L21B) | Comparison”

  1. xNightReaper

    Just ordered my L21B hoepfully will be here in less than 2 months! The TS30S seems more a flooder+thrower in comparison. Might pick 1 of those up later on 🙂

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