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All you need to know about a flashlight. Each review is full of pictures, beamshots and detailed descriptions.

 Trouble finding differences in different models? My comparisons will help you see all the finer detail.

Don’t know what to choose, feeling lost in all the options? Let me show you what I’d recommend.

About me

At the end of 2020 I figured I need to upgrade from my Convoy S2+. That decision caused me to spirale into a rabbit hole much deeper than I anticipated.


At start I had quite a bit of trouble finding information about each flashlight and how it compares to the rest, so the choice was quite hard.

Which is why I decided to start helping others by giving out recommendations and creating comparisons/guides to help others “find the [right] light”.

First flashlight I got after joining the r/flashlight subreddit - Emisar D4V2 XP-L HI 4000K

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